Microsoft set to unveil new Windows version

The long wait is over as software titan Microsoft is set to give the public a glimpse of what is touted to be the most up to date version of Windows, the company’s most prominent product and considered to be the cornerstone and pillar of its robust sales over the years. The new Windows is loaded and the same time the company is coming with ways of fixing relations with its connections.

Microsoft will employ a media event in San Francisco to market the operating software update to various corporate-technology departments, the most essential audience for the company and the one which is keen on the upcoming Windows which is expected to peppered with never seen before features and innovations that will make computers even more powerful.

Windows 8 is created to give rise to touchscreen computers just like tablets and smartphones, though it is not fit for those who are using destop personal computers and already used to PCs with mouse and keyboards.

Microsoft made some enhancements in the Windows 8 to make computers user-friendly for all types of workers and the company vowed that the new OS is beefed up work-friendly add-ons.

According to Forrester Research there are about 20 % of organizations that provide their employees with PCs that are driven by Windows 8 as the vast majority settled for the older versions and Microsoft must exert an effort to market the new OS to big companies.

Forrester analyst David Johnson quipped that Microsoft is required to provide reasons why companies will opt for the new version before this will give rise to problems.

Little is known about the new OS though reporters and commentators have named it as Windows 9.



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