GoPro unveils Hero cameras, the most affordable (entry-level, mid-tier and high-end) cameras

GoPro is indeed striking the iron while it is hot as it announced the launching date of its three new fangled cameras which are pegged at cheap prices with the entry level Hero which is priced at just $169.

The top-of-the-shelf Hero4 Black Edition offers video resolution that is two times better than its precursor which is the Hero3+ variant, and can achieve full 4K video recording at an impressive 30 frames per second (fps). The crisp Black Edition camera carries a price tag of $639.

With the impending release of Black Edition, GoPro is not only after offering low-range cameras for people who are tight in budget as it is also targeting the consumers that linger for mid-range and high-range cameras.

The middle variant of the GoPro which is the Hero4 Silver Edition is packed with feature that the company’s fans have been yearning for over the years. Hero4 Silver Edition which is priced at $509, boasts of an LCD preview screen to look at video footage, an add-on that the high-end Black Edition Hero4 is deprived of since having the LCD will give rise to an increased power dissipation that would heat up the camera when capturing 4K footage and eventually makes the device useless.

These awesome cameras will be available in stores and retail outlets on October 5.

GoPro has carved out a niche in the action sports segment and has enjoyed throngs of fans and followers over the years. The camera offered by the company is a perfect fit for people who are always on-the-go and loves adventure. The GoPro cameras are well-suited for surfing, driving, sky diving, extreme sports and among others since it can capture fast-moving objects with relative ease.

GoPro already commands plethora of audiences in the internet. The company’s YouTube channel already piled up 2.2 million subscribers and already garnered a whopping 600 million views.

GoPro comes with a popular app for Apple and Android gadgets to compensate for not having viewfinders on most of its models. The app can let you enhance with your mobile device, play it back, and download video clips directly to the mobile device. But this will only come after few weeks as the software is still in the process of getting updated so that it will work with the new models


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