Unlocked iPhone 6 now available at T-Mobile

If you linger for an unlocked iPhone 6, there is a carrier where you can buy one and its T-Mobile.

There are some benefits you can get from settling for an unlocked mobile device like you will not get tied up with carrier’s monthly plan and you will not get locked into a two- year deal. Keep in mind that the value of the majority of smartphones depreciate gradually over time and after 2 years your device’s price dropped significantly compared to its original price.

Moreover, users can use iPhone 6 in any part of the globe using any carrier they want. If they are in foreign countries, they can use a SIM card available in the country they will visit and often the rate is lesser than the prevailing ones in the United States.

The only pitfall of an unlocked version of the iPhone 6 is that they cannot be able to purchase apps on Apple .Store. Apple hasn’t began offering the unlocked version of iPhone 6.

Generally, the technology behemoth Apple chooses to put up for sale  their mobile phones that are binded with contract. It is because the company will benefit  whenever a user makes a phone call using the iPhone since it is  under contract with  wireless carriers such as Verizon and AT&T.

According to some reports Apple will no longer use the two-worded “unlocked iPhone’ any longer.

So, if users decided to have the unlocked iPhone 6, T-Mobile is the best option for them.

T-Mobile offers the unlocked iPhone 6 with the price starts at US$649. Users can now use any SIM they want.

iPhone 6 off the contract starts at US$649 for the 16GB variant while the 64GB version is fetched US$749 while the 128GB pegged at US$849. Finally, the unlocked iPhone 6 Plus minus the contract is priced at US$749.


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