HTC RECamera picture accidentally appeared on a teaser

A picture of what could be the newest product of HTC is speculated to be named as ReCamera has been unveiled accidentally shortly just after the company’s newest teaser was shown in the internet last Thursday, ahead of the Taiwanese company’s forthcoming event in New York on October 8.

The teaser for the New York event provided the viewers with some idea that the product is compact, and lightweight sports camera that can capture high-definition still photos and it is well-suited for taking video footages thanks to its wide-angle lens. It is also speculated that the camera is a perfect fit for taking slow-motion video films, whether in land or water.

Before long the teaser had been released, a webpage which is titled RECamera emerged on the official website of HTC. According to netizens who saw the teaser, the image has PVC tube with a lens connected at one end, which could be the ReCamera, the image has been replicated and scattered in various online discussion forums though the page had been recanted.

But it is still not yet clear whether image isthe RECamera, or could have been one of the features of HTC phones, or another that is built to challenge GoPro.

The water-proof GoPro camera features 4K slow-motion video recording even at a depth 60 meters.  More than 380,000 GoPro cameras were sold in 2013. GoPro took a whopping 50% of the total market share in the in the sports camera segment.

In spite of its growing output, GoPro still absorbed a stinging 300% net loss, as confirmed in the company’s first quarterly report on its June public listing. Other camera makers like Contour and Contour have also experienced financial shortfall on their sports camera sectors, probably because the product’s target is aimed at the sports niche. GoPro is pegged at a bit high price that ranges from US$200 to $400, and possibly affected by extra marketing costs and sponsoring various extreme sports events.

Internet users are baffled over the puzzling new product of HTC. Some doubts the quality of the image, while others have stated that RECamera poses as an idyllic alternative for hobbyists or adventurers who are in search for low-budgeted and entry-level sports cameras that fetched between US$100-150.


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