Newcomer social media website Ello versus Facebook

A new social networking site Ello which is now on its beta stage is mounting a bold challenge against internet behemoth Facebook.

The site which is speculated by many as dead set against Facebook has created a lot of noise for the past few days. The site has just made many daring claims against Facebook like vowing to put an end to the ‘real name’ policy by being simple, beautiful and ad-free.

If you enter the site there is a manifesto on it that claims that Facebook is possessed by advertisers which purchase users’ data so they can be able to display more data on the user’s pages as well. The products are the users themselves that are bought and sold and every post a user share, every friend a user will have and every link a user will follow is tracked, recorded and eventually transformed into data.

The manifesto also added that Ello is a social network tool that can be employed as a tool for empowerment and not as a tool to cheat, compel and control, but a website where one can connect, create and celebrate life. The site believes in audacity, beauty, simplicity and transparency.

A prominent toy maker and the founder of Ellos, Paul Budnitz said that the new site has been receiving 4,000 invitation requests per hour. The site by the way is currently on its beta test which implies that the site is on its developmental stage and it is presently on an invitation-only.

To have a login account in Ello, you are required to get an invitation from someone who is already connected with the site or you can request an invitation by yourself by heading into site’s Home Page.

The manifesto also noted that the users are not products and they should never resort to paying anything since the site is available for free forever (this remains to be seen though).

The post also encourages those who stumbled upon the site’s homepage to share the manifesto on their accounts in various social media websites.


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