Ford to beef up its workforce with 1,200 more workers at its Missouri plant

Automobile maker Ford Motor Co. stated last Thursday that the company will bolster its work force further by employing 1,200 workers on its fold and will make another shift to a Missouri plant to come up with Transit vans.

According to Autodata Corporation, the Transit already made its presence felt at dealerships last June, but to this point only 2,085 have been sold all the way through August. Nonetheless, demand for this exciting new line of vehicle has been steadily increasing, and Ford projects that the demand will continue to go up until next year.

The established car maker company has just struck its first huge deal last month ago, as cable television company Charter Communications ordered more than 800 units of the vans.

Ford’s president of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs, beamed with pride as he said that the highly-regarded van is a “game-changer” in the company’s latest news release.

The 1,200 workers already have been employed and are projected to begin working by late November at the plant located near Kansas City which is Claycomo. The second batch of Transit workers will pad the number of hourly workers at the plant to over 6,000. The plant already has three crews which handle the F-150 pickup truck.

Ford spokeswoman, Kristina Adamski said that when the work in the new shift goes on full blast, the Claycomo facility is expected to produce more vehicles per year which is greater than any other Ford plant located elsewhere in planet.

The plant went through an immense expansion three years after nailing state incentive package, and is capable of producing an awesome half-million vehicles.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, who supported the automotive incentives, quipped in a written statement that the announcement strengthens Missouri’s standing as the top honcho when it comes to next-generation automotive production.

With the most recent employments, Ford has now created around 14,000 jobs since 2011, enabling to surpass its job-creation pledge to the United Auto Workers.

This is indeed a great news for residents of Missouri and the Ford aficionados as well.


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