Chrysler calls back almost 349,442 older-model units of cars due to ignition key problems

Automobile maker Chrysler Group is recalling nearly 350,000 older variants of cars because of ignition key problems that may result to keys getting jammed or move without even touching them.

The inspection whipped up by the company last Thursday, they discovered that the keys of 2008 car models may not completely return to the “on” position after starting the car’s engine.

According to Chrysler executive the airbags are not affected, but the problem may give rise to losing the windshield defroster or may impinge on the wiper function.

In very rare cases, the ignition key may involuntarily shift “accessory” or “off” positions, that may led to decrease braking power or loss of engine power, power steering, or car’s safety features.

Chrysler mentioned one event that may have been linked to the issue, but the company is not aware of any injuries.

Among the 349,442 cars that have been affected are the Dodge Charger sedans, Dodge Magnum station wagons, Jeep Commander, Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs and among others.

Chrysler quipped that the affected customers will be informed when they can set the date to access free services. For now, the drivers of the affected car models are recommended to   disengage ignition keys from key rings and see to it that the keys are turned in “on” position after car startups.


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