Apple absorbing series of tirades from all sides and angles

Blackberry has joined the foray of Apple tongue lashers and shortly after unveiling its flagship phone which is dubbed as the Passport, he took advantage of the chance to lash out on Apples’ new found weaknesses. BlackBerry CEO John Chen minced peppery words against the new variants of the iPhones as he said in an event in Toronto, “I would challenge you guys to bend our Passport.” BlackBerry just dished out a crisp hit at the current most famous mobile device.

Baffled by the so-called “Bendgate,” issue and flawed iOS 8 update bug, the technology behemoth has been the target of its chief rivals and the unsatisfied consumers.

BlackBerry is targeting the users who are in the business industry. The square-shaped mobile device’s internals are made from steel frame so it requires some effort to bend it.

Seven years ago Blackberry paved the way for users to get clued with smartphones and they once lorded over the smartphone segment. But with the aid of iPhones, Apple gradually outperformed Blackberry and now has the lion’s share of the market and kept BlackBerry out in the colds. The Canadian-based company was reduced to a pulp over the years as they now hold less than one percent of global shipments of smartphones as of March this year.

The iPhones debuted in the market in a grand fashion as a whopping 10 million units were sold last weekend.

The media office of Apple cannot be immediately reached for comments through phone calls and emails.

The user complaints about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus getting bended inundated the Internet last Wednesday.

A rousing hashtag on Twitter which reads #bendgate become very popular.

A user named Karsten Schmehl, come up with a teasing screen grab of Apple’s website with a ‘iPhone 6 Plus Repair Kit’ or a rolling pin rather.

The chocolate bar producer Kit Kat has also joined in, as the company tweeted with a picture of a chocolate bar breaking in to two that comes with the phrase that reads, ‘We don’t bend, we break.’

Samsung is also racing against time to unveil its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4 and few weeks ago criticized Apple for making the iPhones as big as theirs.



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