Twitter now allow users to add items on their Your Amazon wish list

The Yuletide season is now fast approaching and there’s great news for both users of Twitter and Amazon. Twitter now has become an excellent platform to handle your holiday wish list.

Amazon has just announced last Wednesday that a new shopping hashtag will enable the shoppers to add items to their wish list by means of sending tweets.

A tweet that comes with the #AmazonWishList hashtag and a link to the item (or responding to a tweet that with Amazon link), the MyAmazon Twitter account automatically reply with the status of the item, the date when it is added to your list, if it’s unavailable and how you can purchase it.

Here’s how to use the new feature courtesy of MyAmazon (@MyAmazon)

Respond to this tweet with #AmazonWishList to add the Dancing Groot to your Wish List

This marks the second time that Twitter has forged a partnership with Amazon employing hashtags. Both companies whipped up #AmazonCart, which let users to add items to their Amazon shopping cart.

Users who would like to pounce on the #AmazonWishList they should first link their Amazon and Twitter accounts through their Amazon account settings.

Twitter has been making experiments for the past several months on how to make life easier when it comes to shopping and buying services in users’ Twitter timelines in recent months.

The company verified that it started the “Buy now” button several months ago. The payments and shipping option have appeared some users settings menu, triggering speculations that the website is drawing near on its launching of the novelty shopping service.


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