Cadillac Reveals Strategy to Claw Back on Top and Prop up Sales

General Motors Co. has just unveiled the details of its plan to rejuvenate the Cadillac luxury brand last Wednesday. The company which is aching to get back into the thick of things has just announced that the company will start with providing new names to series of vehicles that it intends to launch in the near future after rolling out its new fangled large sedan which is coined the CT6 in 2014.

The luxury car manufacturer hugged the limelight for the past few weeks as newly installed brand chief, Johan de Nysschen, promptly reorganized how the division operated for the past 112 years. Nysschen quipped that he intends to slow down the production of the luxury sedans, assess the potentials of the dealer base and relocates the brand’s headquarters to New York from Detroit in an attempt to know the high-end buyers of luxury cars well.

Nysschen who worked with Nissan Motor Co.’s Infiniti brand was employed last summer by General Motors. He played a role in the dramatic rise of Volkswagen AG Audi division in the United States.

By the time the CT6 will be launched, this top of the shelf automobile has the potential to pose serious threats to its rivals’ offerings. In a press release that has been whipped up last Wednesday, the new automobile will come with a new name and it will utilize lightweight materials to bolster fuel efficiency.

GM added that the automobile will kick off its attempt to claw back on top with a new and simpler naming stratagem that will employ the acronym CT as a prefix and a number signifying the size and position in Caddy’s roster. Currently, the Cadillac roster is comprised of the following cars: the CTS, XTS, ATS, and ELR. Moreover, the Escalade SUV and SRX crossover are also included in the lineup.

Cadillac sales have dipped to 4.7% overall this year all the way through the end of August, and posted minus 15% sales of Cadillac cars. According to Autodata Corporation, the sales of the ATS sedan which contends with the prominent German sedan car like the BMW 3-series, crashed by 20% from one year ago. Finally, the sales of the CTS, which are groomed to challenge Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class sedan, plummeted by 6%.


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