Polaroid Cube: Great fun comes in small packages

Will a small camera with devoid of viewfinder or screen can let you take pictures. The answer is definitely yes if you have the Polaroid Cube. This cute and adorable camera that can fit easily into your palm is loaded and well-suited for vacations, trips, excursions, different occasions and even for espionage wahehe.

Now lets us have close peek at the features of this wonderful camera.

In terms of hardware the crisp 6 megapixels Polaroid Cube can snap great pictures and capture up to 1080p videos. It is capable of taking pics at very wide 124 degrees angle, making it quite superior than most cameras.

The Polaroid Cube is also weatherproof and waterproof, which implies that you need not worry too much about the camera.

The camera is also beefed up with a small microphone which makes it suitable for outdoor videography and beneath a screw on its back; you will discover the toggle for 1080p / 720p video, a power port with cable and microSD card slot.

Once you have transferred the pictures from USB or microSD to your computer you will find either zip file (Mac) or exe file (windows).

The Polaroid Cube is a versatile camera as it allows to you takes awesome pictures even without OIS and the video quality is decent. For its size the camera is indeed loaded. The camera responds well even when taking pictures in low light-conditions.

The pitfall of the camera is perhaps it is not nice to use for close-ups so this implies that it is not built for taking closeup shots, but it is superb when it comes to capturing larger than life scenes and group or landscape shots. See to it that you have ample lighting to ensure that you are making the most of the camera.

Polaroid Cube doesn’t need a LCD screen. The camera is not peppered with plenty of granular controls and it is not equipped with lenses to solve this issue. But still the camera is perfect for people that are always on the go to have adventures and great fun. The Polaroid Cube will carry a price tag of $99 soon in stores the Polaroid Cube portability and excitement.


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