Microsoft unveils $60 multi-faceted dongle to challenge Google’s Chromecast

An increasing number of companies are producing HDMI dongles that are similar to that of Chromecast’s and the most recent player to enter the bandwagon is a heavyweight The software behemoth Microsoft just unveiled today its very own version of Wireless Display Adapter for Miracast screen streaming.

Consumers may now preorder the dongles for $60 in the United States and Canada and will be put on sale in various stores and retail outlets this coming October.

Though the dongle may have some resemblance with Google’s streaming stick, the Wireless Display Adapter differs in both appearance and usage. Looking closely at the gadget, it is actually a two-headed cable with 3.46 inches dongle with HDMI jack on one end while on the other end it function as a USB. Both of these heads are compatible with TV, projector or monitor to transform the display into a receiver for mobile phone.

Not like the $35 Chromecast, which requires a power outlet, the dongle doesn’t look like it needs a electricity and it is capable of doing more functions. Taking advantage of Miracast technology, the user can be able to stream or stretch out the screens with compatible devices.

To date, Chromecast has a beta app that allows the user to stream Android’s display into the TV, but this is still on its development stage. For the meantime, it is restricted to streaming from apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Chrome on Chromecast, although the files of compatible titles are mounting.

Microsoft has said that the Wireless Display Adapter provides a reliable connection that may cover up to 23 foot radius The adapter is well-suited with Miracast-enabled Windows 8.1 devices, and smartphones or tablets that are driven by Android 4.2.1 and later.


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