Blackberry aims to bring back its luster with the launching of its flagship BlackBerry Passport

Canadian-based phone maker BlackBerry Ltd. is set to launch its most recent smartphone on Wednesday in an effort to inject life to its struggling performance for the past few years.

The company’s latest offering which is the BlackBerry Passport comes up with 4.5 inches screen panel display and physical keyboard, and is pegged at a price of $599 without contract in the United States. The price is to some extent lower than the contract-free price of Apple’s new iPhone models and the top-of-the-shelves smartphones from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

The BlackBerry Passport will be introduced at events in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, London in the United Kingdom and Toronto in Canada, and will be available in retail stores in stores 15 days after the staging of the events. The launching of the Passport is a fitting follow-up to the BlackBerry 10 platform flaws to achieve a fine grip, and revamp in the managerial positions a year ago in a move to bolster the sales of the company and to offset the enormous losses it already absorbed.

The company played a key role in making the handset users become fond of the smartphones, but gradually lost its charm as many of its patrons shifted to iPhones and Android-powered mobile devices.

Last December, BlackBerry launched a manufacturing joint venture with Taiwan-based Foxconn and gave a face-lift to its organizational structure. The deal paved the way for the transfers to Foxconn the manufacturing and inventory management and enables the BlackBerry to set its sight on software and services.

The company is slated to make public of its second quarter performance on Friday, which are projected to reveal the company’s gradual rise from the bottom.

BlackBerry released new budget mobile phone in Indonesia last May, one of the company’s last hopes, and optimistic on penetrating the emerging markets like India and the Philippines.

The Touchscreen Z3, the first mobile device that is whipped up by the partnership of Foxconn and Blackberry is aimed at Asian countries especially Indonesia, there the company is well-liked here. The Z3 was rolled out at a price below $200 without a contract.


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