Oculus unveils Rift VR headset prototype named Crescent Bay

Oculus endeavors to create stir with its latest offering which is the Rift VR headset prototype which is dubbed as Crescent Bay.

This report emanated from a blog that has been posted in Oculus website.

The Rift VR headset boasts of new display technology, 360 degree head tracking, stretched out positional tracking volume, enhanced weight and ergonomics, and a premium integrated audio.

Oculus said that there are a lot of technical challenges that is still left unsolved for the consumer Rift, but Crescent Bay is indeed the finest virtual reality headset we have created. The company added, the improvements will give rise for a level of presence that is out of reach to attain with DK2.

Oculus believe that the prototype is an exceptional hardware.

Oculus also publicized that it has joined forces with partnership with Unity, with Unity now fully backing both Oculus and the Rift.


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