Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 4 ‘phablet’ on October 17 to rival Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

South Korean consumer electronics magnate Samsung has just announced last Thursday that its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4 phablet will be rolled out on October 17, 2014.


Samsung had been credited as the first company to combine the features of both tablet and smartphone which give rise to the word phablet. The company will start accepting offers for the upcoming model on Friday, the very same day where its chief competitor Apple will launch its vaunted iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


The Samsung’s Telecommunications America President, Gregory Lee, quipped, Samsung paved the way for the large screen smartphone segment with its Galaxy Note and now has just entered fourth generation, which is still an uncharted territory for other companies.


The Galaxy Note 4 comes with a polished specs and features which are cinched to bolster user experience. The handset also boasts of the most up to date technology that the users will certainly enjoy.

And a perceived direct hit at its main rival Apple, Samsung made a guarantee that anyone ordering a Note 4 by October 16 would be allowed for a trade-in value of US $200 for any working smartphone.



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