Apple Watch Gold Edition rumored to fetch a hefty price of up to $10,000

Apple hasn’t minced words about the prices of the three variants of the Apple Watch that are set to roll out next year, but has only provided a hint that the price of the  entry-level device is pegged at $350, which is probably the price for the Apple Watch Sport which is expected to be clad with light aluminum and a sweat-resistant band that is made up of rubber materials.

However, Jewelry connoisseurs speculate that the Apple Watch Gold Edition which is peppered with a generous 18-karat yellow gold or rose gold will carry an awe-dropping price of  $1,200. The wearable also has sapphire crystal display and Venetian leather for its bands, while other jewelry experts estimates it at a whopping price of over $10,000.

Chad Rickicki of Pittsburgh said to TechCrunch that an 18-karat gold case which is the same as the size and shape of the Apple Watch could cost up $600 for the raw materials alone. This doesn’t include the smartwatch’s other parts such as the electronic components, the sapphire crystal, production cost, the profit margin and among others. Rickicki also added that the consumers can expect to shell out $1,200 for the touted gold smartwatch.

However, other expert jewelers say otherwise, as the materials used in whipping up the device is not yet known. The founder and editor of aBlogtoWatch said that the phrase 18-karat gold will mean that it is composed of solid gold and it is not gold-plated.

The present price of gold per ounce is at $1,200. So if say the wearable device weighs two ounces, this will translate to $2,400 just counting the amount of the gold used. Then add to the equation the company’s fee for its metallurgists that made the gold twice as hard as the standard gold to make the device compact and sturdy.

Adams also added that the device will also has sapphire crystal glass which may cost from $30 up to $40 and producing these crystals is a long, tedious and costly process as they are synthetically propagated in large compartments and sliced to rectangles that are then will undergo lamination. Adams estimates the value of the top-of-the shelf Apple Watch to carry a price of $5,000 up to $10,000.


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