2015 Ford Mustang Sports Car: Handsomely Masculine and Fast

A sixth generation sports car with much improved features and vintage design will soon blaze the roads and highways in a smashing fashion. The new fangled 2015 Ford Mustang, sleek, masculine and an incredibly handsome car is expected to have some major improvements to enhance driver experience.

First on the list are the tri-bar taillamps and backseat that is built to accommodate just 2 persons.

Chris Svensson, design director of Ford in the Americas quipped, “There are signature elements and the tri-bar is one of them.” Svensson added that, “The tri-bar taillamps have been a strong element for some time. The past generation [cars] were very two-dimensional.”

The Mustang will come up with 3D tri-bar lights with sequential turn signals. The Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights are built inside a panel with a race track surrounding them.

Svensson stated that the way the LED lights were set up is the best thing he has seen and this became possible with the help of the recent advancements in technology.

And to give emphasis to the look, the LED daytime running lights in the front headlights come into view as three slots to imitate the tri-bar appearance on the car’s front.

Second in the list is Mustang’s staying firm with its trademark four-seater back seat. According to the company, the Mustang is built for the drivers. It is keener on performance and the driver.

The back seat is quite bigger than the precursor model but still it is more of an occasional seat. They keep it this way so as to maintain the car’s fastback coupe.

In whipping up the car, the designer team drew inspiration from the 1965 and 1967 models.

The painstaking efforts of Ford give rise to a fascinating car with lower, wider, with a longer hood, blunt nose and shark bite grill. The car also has more space for the driver and front passenger, bigger and lockable glovebox, larger trunk and standard push-button start instead of an ignition key.

Ford’s head of global product development, Raj Nair, was vehemently proud while mincing the words, “We’re proud to bring you the best Mustang we’ve ever done.”


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