Google’s Android One aims at emerging economies

Internet technology magnate Google has chosen India to introduce its reasonably-priced smartphones last Monday, under its program coined as Android One initiative, which endeavors to capture the so-called ‘next billion’ buyers in the developing countries.

The phones, which have starting price of around $105, is expected to penetrate the lucrative Indian market which is considered to be the third-largest smartphone in the world, behind China and US. India currently has the fastest-growing demand for the smartphones. The demand for such device is growing enormously as the country boasts of plethora of first-time phone buyers, users who are making the transition from low-technology featured phone and/or buyers who are on a rush to buy reasonably priced but advanced mobile phones.

Google also divulged its plans on introducing Android One in the promising South East Asian region very soon, like in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president for Android, Chrome and apps stated that world is increasingly going online through smartphones while he unveiled the line of phones in India’s capital New Delhi. Pichai also added, “We’re making it easier for our partners to build phones that are not just great to use, but also affordable.”

The chief analyst at the research firm Gartner in Mumbai, Vishal Tripathi, quipped, “[that the project was] novelty move in bolstering user experience at the bottom of the pyramid through controlling both the hardware and the software, and, if this endeavor will bear success Google could have a winner on its hands.”

Google joined forces with three Indian device makers, Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice, and the phones will be put up for sale only by the nation’s largest online retailers.

Figures will show that the India’s smartphone market is expected to grow two times by the year 2018. International Data Corp., a research firm, said that the smartphone shipments in the country bump up to 84% in the second quarter of this year as compared with the same period in 2013. All in all, there about 18.4 million smartphones were shipped to the country this year

Android One provides Google an opportunity to take over the mobile market in emerging economies. It features search engine and other useful apps to ensure user experience like no other without paying that much.


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