Sony introduces Smartwear Experience: “ Lifelogging, Wearing Smart and Life Tools”

The rise of wearable devices worldwide is indeed remarkable as the top players in the technology industry such as Apple, Samsung, LG and the list goes on come up with their own version to ride on the crest of popularity of the new craze.

Top appliance maker Sony has just joined the bandwagon as it launched the Smartwear Experience at the CES 2014 and aims at the emerging markets which promised to give the new users the experience to make life fun and entertaining. The Smartwear Experience is anchored around three cornerstones – Lifelogging, Wearing Smart and Life Tools.

Sony’s novelty which is the Lifelog application, the combination of the Smartband and Android app, allow the users to discern the past, take pleasure in the present and get motivated with what the future may bring. The tandem let you take over life and entertainment from places you have visited to music that you have listened to the games you have played and books you have read in a crisp visual interface.

You will enable to know how active you have been all day long. The duo lets you have a recap of the places that you have been to, see the pictures that you have taken and know how you have communicated with your friends and relatives.  Moreover, Lifelog will also assist you to set activity goals, schedules, monitor your progress and provide recommendations.

Connecting SmartBand with the core is very easy. You can link through NFC or Blurtooth with a single click.

SmartBand’s core module is wearable 24/7 and it is water-proof even with an exposed Micro-USB port. It is comfortable, subtle and standalone which implies that you can bring or wear it as you like, whether you love to stay at home or you are always on-the-go.

The module comes in black color, but it will soon be able with different effervescent colors, including a special limited edition to commemorate the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The wearable advancement in Smartband SWR10 is all about Lifelog app and your Android mobile phone through Bluetooth and NFC. When the two are apart at about 10 meters or more, the wearable device will have a vibrating alert to notify you. The SmartBand will let you gauge your sleep cycle and wake you up at the most favorable time. And this will indeed sounds great, as the SmartBand will you also vibrate and notify you if you receive Likes from Facebook, Tweets from Twitter, calls or messages.

The SmartBand will also you to play, pause and skip tracks with a WALKMAN app by either pressing the button or tapping the wearable device.

The SmartBand SWR10 and Lifelog app are both available in Google play.


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