Which is better iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Tips, pointers and cues on picking the right iPhone version for you.

With many versions coming out in a smartphone line it is quite difficult to opt for the right one that is a perfect fit for you. The newest series of iPhone comes in two flavors such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and it is quite difficult to select one.

  • To make life quite easier for you here is a short list of things you need to consider in opting for the iPhone version that is right for you:
  • If you have small hands and you are not comfortable with smartphones with big screen, the choice is obvious its iPhone 6. You will surely have a nice grasp on this device.
  • If you are fond of wearing jeans and putting your mobile phone into your pocket the obvious choice is iPhone 6.
  • Do use your mobile phone with one hand too often, then pick iPhone 6 though the iPhone 6 Plus has the feature for one-handed use, but it still quite bulky.
  • Are you fond of bringing your mobile phone while exercising then iPhone 6 is a good pick.
  • Is the battery life matter to you the most then iPhone 6 Plus is for you, though you can also bring a portable battery pack for iPhone 6.
  • Is the performance of camera has a great impact to you, then obtain iPhone 6. Keep in mind that Apple now provide image stabilization on its cameras, which aids lower shakiness in images and allow you to get enhanced photos even with low light. Surprisingly this feature is already present in Android phones and even Windows Phones for the past several years.
  • Are you fond of watching movies with your mobile phone then the choice would have been iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Have you ever poked jokes on your friends saying that their smartphones have enormous screen in the past? If your answer is yes then iPhone 6 is your default choice or be prepared to get mocked and ridiculed if you have changed your mind in in choosing smartphone like the iPhone 6 Plus that is peppered with a big screen.

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