SanDisk unveils Extreme Pro SDXC card with a superb 512 GB data storage capacity

This baby is not only packed but it is also teeming with awesome features.

With the technology moving at a dizzying speed devices and gadgets becomes more powerful, useful and filled with more features.

Now there is a SD card which has more storage capacity than all of the available computers in the market. Yes you heard it right the minute Extreme Pro SDXC card which SanDisk announced last Friday has a whopping 512 GB data storage capacity. That’s greater than one half of terabyte of storage and mind you this card is the first of its kind in the world.

To give you an idea of how potent this card is let us compare it with the starting storage capacity of 128 GB for both Ultrabooks and MacBook Air and the 256 GB in the average  PC solid-state disk (SSD) drives available in the market.

The 512GB card is graded for 4K video capture and very capable of writing all the data you needed while storing ultra-high-resolution footages and images in real time without any hassle at all. The photographers are going to love this as the card can keep abreast with the fast-paced burst photography.

The card is sturdy too as it can overcome wear and tear, it is water-proof and can survive X-ray machine.

Small but terrible isn’t but this awesome stuff comes with a hefty price of $800.

SanDisk also offers other storage options in its Extreme Pro line series like 128GB and 256GB SD cards.

This card is indeed a groundbreaking product since it gives you almost an unlimited data storage capacity to save all the files, images, movies, footages, presentations and document that you want.


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