Battle Royale in the offing as Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 are out to challenge Apple’s iPhone 6

South Korean mobile phonemaker Samsung is poised to challenge its chief rival Apple in the high-end smartphone category with the launching of its highly anticipated top of the shelves devices. The release of the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 is expected to inject life on Samsung in lucrative market like India and in giving Apple’s new premium devices a tough competition. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is getting a lot of media mileage worldwide.

Samsung has begun dealing with distributors and retailers on the launching of the two premium devices ahead of Apple’s touted mobile phones in October.

The Samsung smartphones usually sports a plastic form factor, but this time the phones come with outer metal casing, a feature which Apple have long lingered for its iPhones.

The Galaxy Alpha is priced in the vicinity of Rs 40,000 per piece (around $656), but somewhat more affordable than the newly fangled iPhone 6 and equipped with wonderful features according to the company.

The Galaxy Alpha, which Samsung have had highlighted a month ago comes with a 4.7 inches screen and high-end processor. It is the company’s ultimate answer to iPhone 6 in the premium category.

So also, Samsung made known to the public of the launching of its 5.7 inches Galaxy Note 4 in the recently concluded IFA in Berlin this month. While Samsung had enjoyed big screens on its phones in the past, this will mark the first time that Apple will come up with big screens with its iPhone 6 Plus.

The touted iPhones have been clad with smaller screen size starting with its iPhone 4 which debuted last 2010. The now deceased and enigmatic founder of Apple even cracked a joke that reads: “People won’t buy phones if they couldn’t even wrap their hands around them.” Tim Cook, who took over Apple after Jobs’ ill-timed death 3 years ago, has  quipped,  “bigger than bigger,” while referring to the increased size of its iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung didn’t wasted the chance to pounce on Apple, as the company made a tweet on Wednesday saying, “Big improvements and innovation come with change — even they thought so.”

Samsung also dished out graphic which mocked Jobs statements before and read, “No one is going to buy a big phone…Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds.”

Jobs peppery words against big phones comes into naught as Samsung had took over around 28 per cent market share, making the company the third largest company that offers smartphones in the world..

But still Samsung still has an axe to grind against Apple which is lording over in the high-end smartphone market.


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