Google launches Chromebook OS that can run more Android Apps

True to the company’s words in the annual last Google I/O in San Francisco California, technology behemoth Google has rolled out its fancied Android Apps for Chromebooks. Google I/O is a yearly software developer-focused conference backstopped by Google.

Devices that are driven by Google’s Chrome Operating Systems can now operate Vine, Evernote, Duolingo and Sight Words Android apps on their desktop computers.

These top of the shelves apps forms the nucleus of Google’s App Runtime for Chrome (beta), a program which Sundar Pichai, Google’s head of Android had disclosed several months ago in the last Google I/O. The project is just a fraction of Google’s wide-ranging endeavor to combine both Android and Chrome OS for a more pleasurable experience in using various apps.

Since Chromebooks are fast becoming popular in educational institution, it is not startling to see Google come up with educational apps such as Sight Words and Duolingo. Sight Words is an engaging and useful app in helping kids to learn how to read while on the other end Duolingo is an app about different languages.

Other apps like Vine, Evernote and Flipboard which are not present in the group of inaugural apps can now run in the Chromebook OS.

The company quipped that they are collaborating with a selected group of software developers to whip up more apps that can run using Chromebook OS in the near future. But since this is still bound to happen in the coming month, Google has been busy obtaining suggestions from users on what particular apps that they want to be included in the next unveiling of Chromebook.


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