Facebook’s new feature a work in progress

Social media giant Facebook is on the verge of adding another novelty feature on its fold, which is, allowing the users to schedule the removal of your post.

This feature which is also coined as self-destruct posts is the same as that of the schedule posts feature of Pages.

A spokesperson of Facebook confirmed the test with Huffington Post saying that they are running a small pilot of a feature on Facebook for iOS that allow users to schedule the deletion of their posts ahead of time.

At present it is still unknown when Facebook has started doing the test. According to reports some users have seen the option ‘Choose Expiration,’ along with their Facebook posts.

The ability to delete posts on a scheduled date and time is indeed fascinating as it provides the users to have more power with their posts as well as to spur the users to come up with posts that are peppered with flair and creativity. The feature can be employed for sharing information about any upcoming events, occasions, something about your loved ones or partner and the list goes on. Facebook probably get this wonderful idea from Snapchat.

Facebook gained enormous prominence with its epic “Likes,” feature many moons ago and it hopes that the new feature will pile-up myriads of nods from various users worldwide.

This development is indeed a boon for both Facebook and its users.


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