Nokia will unveil its last smartphones: Lumia 830 and Lumia 730

Nokia has just announced that it will launch two of its smartphones this 2014 with its Lumia 830 and Lumia 730. The two variants are aimed at the mid-range consumers, and it seems like that the mobile phones will be the last Nokia named models as far as branding is concerned.


Two months ago, there was a Lumia 830 image that was showed over in the internet and displayed the device’s back with a message on it that reads: “Nokia By Microsoft. Well, it looks like that time will soon come; it won’t wait until the end of the year.”


There was leaked in-house information from Microsoft that quips, as part of the transition stage the company will drop the branding for reference on its upcoming smartphones, especially those products that will be released during the Yuletide Season. 


So instead of using Nokia, Microsoft would instead settle for the word Lumia which is under the ownership of Microsoft Mobile as part of a deal while acquiring Nokia. 


This will imply that you should not be taken aback to see the next smartphones variants from Microsoft Nokia carrying the new name “Microsoft Lumia,” “Windows Phone,” or just ‘Lumia’.

Will the branding plans help further boost Microsoft’s image and sales? This remains to be seen although Nokia has already lost some steam it already accomplished a lot during its last 2 decades of staying in the communications industry.


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