Honda successfully launched its driverless car named Acura RLX in Detroit

While fellow Japanese company Toyota is reluctant in whipping up driver-less cars, Honda on the other end just rolled out and showcased its very own self driving car in an impressive fashion.

Last Tuesday Honda has just unraveled its idea of driver-less cars blazing the roads and highways and can move around safely on the  freeways without the use of the drivers’ hands.

The car that was introduced is first of its kind, and Honda said that the technology will come out on Honda cars in 2020 and further.

The car that was put in display is actually coined as Acura RLX sedan, which boasts of scores of safety features such as cameras that examines lane markings and multiple radar sensors on the front and sides for added safety precaution. The sedan has a beacon on top that employs laser beams to recurrently scan the automobile’s environs, a feature which is present in self-driving models that have been launched by Google, Ford and Toyota. It is also equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) that aids the car to stay on a previously mapped track and run within the speed limit.

The sedan was impressive on its launching as the car’s driver held off his hands as it crossed the freeway of a loop in Detroit. It gained acceleration without going over the speed limit and used brakes every time the sedan comes very near to another car on its front. It also has made signals while changing lanes and has waited for the right moment to overtake. The car easily blended well into the two other freeways and constantly avoided construction zones. To make an exit the car has decelerated well as its speed is lowered to 35 miles per hour while entering ramp. Impressively, the sedan went driver-less for an entire 8 miles loop.

By design the car will return the control to the driver if it perceives that it can no longer handle situation like if another car cuts in front of the sedan too closely and quick brake is required.

Hironobu Kiryu, the car’s chief engineer quipped that Honda spent around one year to build the sedan but all in all its safety features is the product of few decades of intensive research, and added that the company’s objective is to get rid of accidents not only in the part of the driver but also for pedestrians and drivers aboard other cars.

Honda’s demonstration of a driver-less car in Detroit this week is part of the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, an event held annually and attended by engineers and other researchers.

The technology is indeed moving at a break-neck speed and we certainly can’t wait to see the remarkable driver-less cars hits the roads and highways.


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