Google: 5 Million hacked Gmail passwords not true

There is a report that leaked that a whopping five million Gmail addresses and passwords come into view because of security infringement on a Russian Bitcoin forum last Wednesday which technology giant Google denies.

The source of the details is still not yet confirmed, but according to CNN report the incident could have been the result of collected passwords seized in earlier hacking incidents, probably on the users own computers and not in Google itself.

Google spokeswoman Caroline Matthews said that, they still don’t have concrete evidence that their systems have been compromised. Google also added that there were no evidences and is still doubtful about the authenticity of the list.

But as a preventive measure, the company has secured all of the email accounts that have appeared in the leaked list, while aiding the involved parties to go a website to reset their passwords and recover their accounts.

Google has informed all Gmail users to come up with stronger passwords and utilize an add-on security feature is also dubbed as two-step authentication. To make passwords tough nut to crack simply add numbers, punctuation marks and/or symbols on it.


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