Alcatel joins the smartwatch bandwagon with its Wave

The wearable devices particularly the smartwatches are making their mark in the market. Many people go agog and gaga with the new novelty as the vast majority of mobile phone makers are racing against time to whip up smartwatches to take advantage of the promising market.

Alcatel is the newest player in the field to enter the smartwatch bandwagon. Just a week ago the electronic company has just rolled out its very own Wave in the recently concluded at IFA Berlin and will be up against touted players such as Samsung, LG, Apples, ASUS, and Motorola.

The Wave promises to give its competitors a tough time as it appears chic, sturdy and truly nice-looking. The way it was made is compact and it is available with a 1.2 inch 240 x 204 display. The smartwatch has quaint markings on the edges which is typical in traditional watches,

At the bottom of the device there lies a very useful heart rate monitor which is the same as the ones that are present on the Samsung Gear Live or Apple Watch. The Wave is also peppered with a pedometer and altimeter and has the capability to feed your tracked data to a associated device so you can track your statistics 24/7 with zest and gusto.


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