Samsung reveals VR headset’s price

The futuristic-looking Samsung’s Galaxy Gear VR which created a rave in the recently concluded IFA consumer technology show in Germany will be available on sale before the holiday season sets in and it is fetched at an enticing price of only $199.

South Korean company Samsung joined forces with Oculus VR to produce the mobile virtual reality headset which allows the user to discover engaging environments, play games and the list goes on.

Oculus which also has its own version of headset which is the Oculus Rift but it is still on its development process is priced at $350. The Oculus headset will only function if it is plugged in into a computer games or game console.

The Gear VR is not troubled with any issues pertaining to its portability. You can use Gear VR with relative ease by simply sliding the handset into the headset and the two will eventually become a potent virtual reality machine. For this to work interested consumer is required to purchase both the Samsung’s latest flagship phablet and the headset.

Expect that there will be many fine contract deals with different internet providers to promote the handset to make it affordable. The price of the two gadgets is fetched at a price of $1,000.


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