Jaguar unveils its most low-priced car targetting women and young drivers

Jaguar which is renowned for its trendy and sophisticated luxury cars endeavors to reenter the entry level luxury market in 5 years. The British based luxury car manufacturer has just rolled out its most inexpensive automobile to date, which is the Jaguar XE sports sedan, while aiming at the women and young drivers.

Carrying a reasonable price of 27k British pounds (around $43,450), Jaguar XE is the first in the line of the XE variants.

A sport utility vehicle (SUV) is in the offing and will soon be launched after Jaguar XE.

The Jaguar XE attempts to poise a stiff challenge with its rival BMW 3 series which is fetched at 23,550 British pounds (around $37,898) and luxury cars offered by automobile giants Audi and Mercedes-Benz models.

The XE sports sedan, sports a five-door model sprinkled with a red sleek design. This model is by far Jaguar’s most aerodynamic car as a result of having a smooth under floor that lowers drag and a rear end to augment force.

The features of the car and other succeeding models in the series will be revealed in the upcoming Paris motor show in October. The vaunted Jaguar XE car is part of a 2-billion investment program of Jaguar.

The entry of this wonderful automobile will indeed create a four-cornered fight in the entry-level luxury market.


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