Toyota to unveil safer cars that uses state of the art technology in 2017

Toyota made a promise that they will come up with a technology that will help avoid car crash in 2017 on all of their cars. Though the cars may have collision-prevention feature they will still need drivers though.

Toyota vowed to whip up a new wave of the future safety systems in the United States that can let cars maneuver themselves enough at the center of the lane. The cars will also be equipped with camera that will track the drivers’ eyes and will see to it whether the hands are held on the steering wheel or not. If either the eyes is out of focus and the hands are no longer holding the steering wheel, the car will give a warning right away.

A number of car manufacturers already have the cutting edge lane-steering technology and driver monitoring systems, but most of the time they are fetched at a hefty price or bunched with luxury models.

Toyota’s safety system is capable of giving warning if the freeway lane is getting thicker with motorists or an emerging traffic will hit your car. This technology is still at its development and it is restricted by data mapping in the US.

The company will gradually turn to cars that will do the bulk of the driving. The company is still in the process of getting the people’s trust.

Toyota quips that the automotive industry still lags by more than 10 years in coming up with a driverless car, caused by technology restraints and legal issues. And not similar to Google, the company doesn’t visualize the time where humans will no longer need to do the driving work.

Toyota deputy chief safety technology officer, Seigo Kuzumaki quipped, “Toyota will not be developing a driverless car,” and added people are still needed to handle situations that can’t be predicted by a computer.


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