Intel Core M is expected to set the pace in the processor market

Kirk Skaugen, Intel’s senior vice president and GM of personal computing, has just announced the launching of its cutting edge processors which is dubbed as Core M.

The newly-fangled processor series are well-suited for convertibles, ultra portable and tablets. Intel quipped that their processor is considered to be the most energy efficient the company has ever made delivering power at measly 4.5 Watts, very fastand loaded with wonderful features.

The Core M employs a 14 nm manufacturing process and provides 50% more CPU performance and 40% faster graphics performance than the Core i5-4302Y which was launched a year ago.

Other pros of the vaunted processor is its appreciably lesser power consumption and power dissipation, thanks to its fanless design which lowers the size and weight of the devices and enhances reliability and superior battery life.

The Core M platform comes with support that is perfect fit for Wi-Di 5.0, high-quality audio, and second generation 802.11ac with wireless docking WiGiG that will be roll out very soon.

The company is anticipating that manufacturers will produce tablet products that is so slim at less than 9mm, the same thickness the Apple iPad 2 currently has. Over 20 OEM products with Core M processor are speculated to be available during the holiday season.



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