Motorola unveils Moto Hint and Moto X+1

Motorola plunges into the emerging yet lucrative wearable market with its very own version called Moto Hint which is actually a subtle Bluetooth earbud. The company is also set to release its other wearable device which is the innovative and promising Moto 360 circular smartwatch

The wireless and a versatile whispering device, Moto Hint offers three hours of talk time allows the wearer to use the add-on to set off and be in charge of their handset from up to 150 feet (46 meters) away and the same time make calls.

The firm quipped that the device can be utilized by pedestrians to obtain directions without the need to keep on looking at their phone’s display and can be nice way of getting answers and questions with zest and gusto.

Aside from the novelty Moto Hint, Motorola also publicized the release of its Moto X+1, which is actually an enhanced variant of its top-end phone. This device allows the wearer to customize its case which is indeed a smart move since this small feature will make the difference. One of the new cases available is the leather back.

Moto X+1 is truly loaded as it is beefed up with four infra-red sensors that let the users to wake it up by waving their hand six to 12 inches (15 cm – 30 cm) above it – which is a feature that can be useful while in meetings to secretly check for notifications.

It is evident that Motorola is doing its assignment well in coming up with new products that offer innovations and features to keep up well with its fierce rivals in the technology industry.


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