Obama chooses Google executive as the new Chief of Technology

Megan Smith who had worked as an executive for Google for more than 10 years, is appointed by US president, Barack Obama as the new Chief Technology Officer, making her the third person to fill up the position, after Todd Park and Aneesh Chopra.

Smith was recently the vice president of Google X, a semi-secret complex operated by tech giant which is committed to whip up cutting edge technological breakthroughs and advancements.

Prior to this, Smith was also the vice president of business development at Google for 9 years. She also served as the general manager of Google.org and CEO of PlanetOut, a website dedicated to the LGBT web community.

Obama stated, “Megan has spent her career leading talented teams and taking cutting-edge technology and innovation initiatives from concept to design to deployment.” President Obama also added, “I am confident that in her new role as America’s Chief Technology Officer, she will put her long record of leadership and exceptional skills to work on behalf of the American people.”

Moreover, President Obama also appointed Alexander “Amac” Macgillivray, who have served as the attorney of Twitter and Google as Smith’s deputy.  Macgillivray served as the chief counsel for Twitter for four years. Macgillivray is well-known for making a gallant stand to thwart authoritarian governments from blocking provocative materials while still conforming to the existing laws.

A role made by Obama, the position of chief technology will call for Smith will serve as a liaison between the White House and the techn community while providing advises to the government on how to come up with effective ways to get the most out of technology. The CTO will be employing applied technology to play a role in creating jobs, reducing the costs of health care and keeping the nation stable.

The presence of both Smith and Macgillivray will inevitably bolster further White House’s already strong ties with Silicon Valley and Google. Google is currently pouncing on technology to whip up groundbreaking innovations like aerial drones and driverless cars.



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