Verizon slapped with a hefty $7.4 million penalty for customer privacy violations

Last 2006, Verizon utilized information from two million customers to consequently produce targeted marketing campaigns. This stratagem proved not to be brilliant though as Verizon made a blunder that companies would wish that they could have not done in the first place. The company didn’t notice that their customers could withdraw from their campaigns. The outcome gives rise to FCC slapping a hefty fine of $7.4 million penalty on Verizon.

The FCC detected Verizon’s privacy violations in 2013 as the company willingly admitted that they found out that their customers in the small and medium business sector didn’t obtain the notice on their initial bill.

Verizon and the FCC settled on the penalty, as Big Red agreeing to bolster its processing systems and give substantial information to customers on how to opt out from a certain program in the next three years.

While $7.4 million will most likely not affect Verizon’s image, this will serve as a wakeup call for other companies. But the fine could have made enormous impact with smaller companies.



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