Kickstarter’s “CodeSpells” – Game Full of Magic


This epic game allows the players to craft their own magical spells. Instead of giving the players prepackaged spells; this game gives an ultimate spell crafting sandbox. Kickstarter’s “CodeSpells” provides a coding interface where you can specify exactly what the spells will do. This interface is intuitive enough for players who have never coded before. But skilled players will have a benefit using these coding skills in a creative and new way. This interface is so easy that even children can use it easily to make mountains out of the terrain. In this game, the sky is the limit.

The game features a spell crafting sandbox, through which the players can test and craft their spells on the surrounding landscapes. These spells are cooler spells than any other game to date. The players and the rest of the CodeSpell crew have complete control over these spells. The game gives an unlimited creative expression and features 4 different elements; Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The ability to combine these elements in different ways and the number of spells you can create is infinite. This game also features an amazing system for simulating the effects of elements in the world that will eventually change as the environment changes.

In Kickstarter’s “CodeSpell” the areas in shadow will be less hot than an area in direct sunlight. Hot and dry areas will easily catch fire and the altitude will change the weather continuously. Land close to a water source will be humid, so more vegetation will grow on that land. The world of Kickstarter’s “CodeSpells” is a totally realistic game which has a lot to offer. In the game, the players will feel truly dynamic and alive. This game is fun to play and easy to understand, its amazing features makes Kickstarter’s “CodeSpells” a must try.


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