Kickstarter’s “Band Saga” – Game Full of Music

Love music? If yes, then you will surely love this game. The story of Kickstarter’s “Band Saga” is a story of two friends who have extreme love and passion for music and have a dream to become a rock star. But, their this dream is not easy to achieve as what they thought would be a simple road trip to fame soon turned into an intergalactic fight for their lives and most importantly, their dream. Now the question is that will they survive these hardships laid before them to fulfill their dream?

Kickstarter’s “Band Saga” is a modern Action Roguelike where everything in the game is generated by music. Every level, enemy and item in the game, is generated by music. The game is not dry, as every sound and music in the game is synthesized in real time as you play. Every level of Band Saga, which the players complete, will unlock a new band character. These band characters are synonymous with some specific FM instrument. These instruments are sequenced into the soundtrack of the game, which generates challenging Roguelike level designs as the game progresses. Throughout the gameplay it will become second nature to manipulate the sounds and understand how they are intertwined with gameplay. Similarly new areas in the game will unlock new sounds, items and the ability to sequence and modify them musically. Moreover, each city in the game, unlocks an amazing soundtrack which generates the Roguelike’s level design. As the players progress through the world of “Band Saga” they will learn to modify different sounds. Advanced players will be able to design and create their own customized soundtrack. The game is not only about music, the players will also face the enemies.

The players will fight with enemies with the help of tight and responsive controls while they uncover the mystery of the intergalactic war. Kickstarter’s “Band Saga” is an amazing game with a lot to offer, its amazing features makes this game a must try.


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