Kickstarter’s “Smoke and Glass” – An EPIC Steampunk

Kickstarter’s “Smoke and Glass” is an epic steampunk urban fantasy setting. This unique setting welcomes the players to explore the city of Kroy. In the game, the players play the role of Kroy’s diverse citizens, as they fight to claim their place on the dangerous streets of this mean city. Smoke and Glass features different amazing class system, custom stunts, and unique magic rules which created to enhance on the powerful Fate Core system. The game welcomes the players to discover and enjoy a new world, which is full of social intrigue, mythology and above all, power.

Every street of “Smoke and Glass” is full of different stories. The game is for players who enjoy exploring a fantasy setting, as there is something to discover around every corner. Similarly, players who enjoy intrigue, the city is packed with a bunch of nefarious and interesting possible enemies and friends. The city of Kroy is deadly dangerous. Every street, every corner, each civilization sheds new blood as lawmen and thugs clash in an unending fight for control of the city’s wonders.

Kickstarter’s “Smoke and Glass” emphasizes on a permissive and open dialogue among the players, giving players the tools to foil and plot intricate stories of subtlety and intrigue. At the same time, with the help of game’s new character classes, every player in “Smoke and Glass” have an easy entry point into whatever kind of story they enjoy the most. These character classes give a set of stunts and aspects which are designed to get the players into narrative and immediate contact with the story they find most interesting. “Smoke and Glass” is fun, fluid and fast paced game, which takes the players on an epic journey full of surprises, adventures and much more. Its amazing features makes this game a worthy addition in your collection and a must try.


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