Samsung Soon to Strut its Wares with its Galaxy Note 4, Edge and VR Headset

Samsung just like the other technology companies uses Berlin’s IFA trade show annually as a springboard for robust sales of their devices during the upcoming holiday season.  As a result new smartphones, smartwatches and high-tech headsets are launched one after the other with zest and gusto that come with innovations, novelties, and features to lure the consumers to buy their offerings.

Samsung announces that two new smartphones (Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge) and a virtual-reality headset will be available on sale this coming October.

The Edge is expected to live up to its billings and name as it has side display that allows user to quickly gain access to features such as Twitter, news, often used apps and even flashlight. It is comfortable to have a grasp on the Edge as its main screen is still flat just like its predecessor and has curved right edges.

One can be able to discern the weather and time when the phone is placed resting on any surface. Its camera is not to be outdone as it can act as a stand-alone and point-and-shoot camera. The shutter button and other functions emerge on top when the phone is on the horizontal position.

The side display also gives instant access to tools like flashlight and stopwatch, which is somewhat similar to its rival Apple’s iPhone’s Control Center that comes with a swipe up from the bottom.

Samsung hasn’t announced yet the price of the Edge though. In 2013, the Galaxy Note 3 debuted with a price of around $700 without a contract, or $300 with a contract. Experts speculate that the price for the Note 4 will be similar and higher for the Edge.

Both mobile phones come with an impressive 16 megapixel rear camera and 3.7 megapixels front camera. The front camera is built for people who are fond of taking selfie photos, that are better and sharper than the pictures taken from common phone cameras. Both devices are wide-angled as it can allow more people to fit into selfie pictures by combining multiple images together.

Along with the two smartphones, Samsung will also launch the VR headset which carries a price tag of $200.  This device, however, is not compatible with Edge or other phones. The headset is built exclusively for the Note 4 and comes with sensors that evaluate the position of the head and informs the phone which part of a 360-degree photo to show. This feature is well-suited for taking pictures during adventures, concerts, aerial footage, games and the list goes on. The VR was whipped up by Oculus, the company which Facebook acquired this year.


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