Samsung aims at the high-end market with Note 4, Edge, Gear S

The featured-pack and chic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will soon make its grand debut in October, but unfortunately the mobile device is not expected to be available in some countries.

Samsung is setting a new trend in the smartphone industry. The technology giant which is based in South Korea endeavors to change the perception of people about smartphone. Samsung is in the thick of things of making smartphone like a combination of notepad and smartwatch.

Last Wednesday, the South Korean company made known to the public about the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4.

The new mobile device is expected to be loaded with more features and innovations. Galaxy Note 4 comes with note-taking capabilities with the use of the enhanced S Pen and Smart Select and Snap Note features, which allows users to literally clip and share just a small part of the screen or clip just a part of a new image even if you want to obtain it.

Note 4 is also expected to be clad with a new form factor which is called the Gear VR. This is a wearable virtual reality goggle, but run wholly by the Note 4, which is a screen that is perfect for gamers and movie aficionados.

Not to be outdone is the new device which is dubbed as the Note Edge. This latest offering comes with a polished and curved screen extension. The internals and features of the device are still intact, but the new curved glass can display new tickers and provide crisp notifications.

Although the two products hit the stride next month, the devices are will not be available in some countries.

Samsung also publicized the release of its smartwatches, like the Gear S, which sports a curved AMOLED screen that has 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

These devices will indeed be a force to reckon with in the coming days and Samsung had just showed its serious intention of penetrating the high-end market further.



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