Pebble Steel: Features, Pricing / Price and Pros and Cons

Another smartwatch had just entered the emerging wearable devices as Pebble Steel is poised to fight toe-and-nail with other wearables whipped up by various established companies like Apple, Samsung, Motorola and LG.

Carrying a price tag of $US249 which is almost the same as that of G Watch, Peeble Steel is beefed up with an enduring battery life, full notifications and easy setup. Moreover, it is compatible with Apple and Google and user-friendly.

The disadvantages of the smart watch includes being available only in quite outdated black and white screen, and it has no camera, speaker, and camera. Quite boring isn’t it, but wait there’s more.

The wearable device comes with either steel or leather bands and it is comfortable to wear. The device is thinner, lighter, compact and more polished than its earlier model.

The Pebble has also connectivity with Google Android and Apple iOS software, which is a great plus, if you employ a free app to access its app store and setup notifications.

Once the setting up is done, the device can be able to receive and/or send social media updates, SMS messages, email, and call notifications as if you are using a cellphone.

Since the smartwatch has no microphone or speaker, the wearers of the device can either reject or accept calls with its buttons. Its e-paper screen is only available in black and white, making it light on the battery and you can see the display panel even when you are under the sun.

Its battery lasts so long than any other smartwatches and this will imply that you can hover over your powerpoint presentations and other documents even without charging for one week.


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