LG’s G Watch: Features, Pricing or Price and Pros and Cons  

The first wearable smartwatch with Android operating system that is launched in Australia, LG’s G Watch is not only affordable as it is also packed with exciting features that consumers will certainly enjoy.

Fetched at a reasonable price of $229, the G Watch can count steps, receive voice commands and dictation and display navigation.

Powered by Google the wearable device is very convenient to wear and comes with a 1.65 inches color screen, flexible rubber wristband and weight very lightly at 63 kg.

It is compatible with Google Android mobile phones and provides social media, call and SMS updates and regular pop-up notices from Google Now such as travel time, impending appointments, sports results from various leagues and events and the weather.

It is also equipped with a microphone that can be utilized to provide commands, give SMS responses, or search the Internet using ‘OK Google’ while activating its interactive ears.

The G Watch is capable of counting steps with pinpoint accuracy. The wearable device is also dust-proof and water-resistant.

The disadvantages of the device include the need to recharge it every night, it has no speaker for sound alerts or to respond to calls, and some alert sounds are unnoticeable.

The G Watch has no camera and not user-friendly at first since it will take quite some time to value the hidden commands and other features.



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