Samsung Galaxy Gear 2: Features, Pricing or Price and Pros and Cons

Samsung is set to inject more life to its dwindling sales with its innovative wearable, which is the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

Carrying a price tag of $369, the Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to be loaded with more features than its predecessor.

The highly-touted smartwatch is beefed up with a camera that is perfect for taking images and videos, receive and make calls from your wrist, water-proof battery that can last for days and among others.

The drawback of the device, however, is that it appears quite bulky and is compatible only with mobile phones from Samsung.

The new Samsung phone is more polished than ever and comes with additional features of wearables offered by its rival. This device is built with a crisp 2 megapixels camera which is perfect for taking photos and videos up to 15 seconds, an infrared blaster that you can use for your television and sensors for monitoring heart rate and for tracking steps.

The wearable device is also equipped with a microphone and speaker so you there is no need to use hands to make and receive phone calls, 1.63-inch screen and a 300mAh battery that can last up to 48 hours, which is more than enough.

The pitfalls on the Gear 2 are its quite bulky for smaller users and only work with selected Samsung phones.


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