Motorola Set to Unveil Moto 360

One of the most much-anticipated wearable devices that is due for launch this week is the revered Moto 360 of Motorola.

Motorola steal the thunder from its rivals as it just introduced the Moto 360 smartwatch few days ago, which is clad with a trendy round and touch-sensitive frame.

The official Android wearable features voice recognition, sensor for checking the heart rate, and a waterproof chassis.

The device is also expected to be loaded with other wonderful features that are still not publicized.

Hints are whipped up that the Motorola event in Chicago on September through an animated invitation that the wearable will be rolled out alongside two smartphone devices and a wireless earpiece.

This device is expected to give other wearable devices from other tech companies such as Apple, Samsung and LG that are due for release a run for their money.

For now there are some questions which are left answered like will Motorola’s Moto 360 will able to compete well with its other stiff competitors, is the device one of the best in the market and is the device’s price worth all of its features?


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