Kickstarter Presents “Age of Grit”

Kickstarter’s “Age of Grit” is an amazing game about a ship, her captain, and her crew. The game holds a brilliant spice of fantasy technology, steam powered airships, clockwork contraptions and floating fortresses. This technology will be advanced but in a cowboy style, with everything using steam power, gears and pistons to operate. “Age of Grit” keeps everything cool about the real historical Old West, but it adds a heavy injection of science fiction.

Kickstarter’s “Age of Grit” is an RPG for Mac, PC, Linux and iOS. This game is a story and dialog driven experience with an emphasis on exploration. In the game, the players along with their crew will fly from one settlement to the next settlement, looking for work, and trying to get by. The player will also explore towns from sort of a 2D first person perspective; this amazing feature adds another charm in this game. Each of these towns will consist of a number of screens the player can visit, each having various NPCs to interact with. “Age of Grit” is not a dry game; it is full of action and surprises. During combat, the players will battle other airships using a deeply strategic, turn based combat system. During this time, the game will heavily feature RPG progression elements and the players will be able to level up their crew and upgrade the ship as they see fit. As the player’s progresses in the game, their journey will unfold and they will discover a steampunk and large, cowboy-inspired world.

The world of Kickstarter’s “Age of Grit” will take you through harsh forests of the northern mountains, cactus covered deserts, red rock canyons, and tropical sandy beaches. This game is, fast, fluid, interesting, fun to play, easy to understand, and above all, this game is a must play.


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