Kickstarter’s Brings “Divorce! The Game”

Kickstarter’s “Divorce! The Game” is a fun 2 player’s game which takes all the fun of getting divorced and turns it into an easy to play and understand card game. This card game features an amazing deck of cards that represents player’s assets, and players take turns drawing two cards, keeping one and giving the other card to their ex. The deck also includes all the valuable possessions of the players like the bed, wedding ring, or property each with a unique value. However, some cards have special powers. If you want to take that perfect revenge and really want to screw your opponent, then you can give them cards like Tax Fraud, Alimony, Mistrial and more. The mechanics of this game are inspired by the real life divorce mediation and also leads to some tense decisions. The players will fight for their house and kids and for this they have to play dirty. The players will use lawyers to plant incriminating evidence on their opponents, steal back any item or buy bribes to get the edge.

How can we forget lawyers? Of course you will find lawyer in “Divorce! The Game” this wouldn’t be a real game of divorce if lawyers didn’t get involved in it. Inside the deck, the players will find a number of lawyers that enables them to steal and move various items. Did your opponent just win the house? Don’t worry, with the help of your lawyer you can easily burn it down. In the game, the lawyer will do what they do in real life. They are incredibly useful and will help you win legal battles through which you can win big items like yacht, car, etc. These lawyers cost quite a lot. You will have to resort to a number of money in order to fun the cost of winning the divorce. You can also sell your belongings at pawn shop in order to pay the lawyer.

Kickstarter’s “Divorce! The Game” includes 52 asset cards, 27 legal cards, 2 child cards, 1 dice, a stack of play money, broken dreams and much more.


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