Another Amazing Project On Kickstarter – “Mark of War”

Kickstarter’s “Mark of War” is an amazing war game in which the player’s control and command large group of armies using turn based strategies and tactics to play head to head battles against opponents. In the game, the players take turns commanding their troops across the battlefield until the enemy force is defeated and the mission objective is achieved. During each turn, the players will get to strategically move and position their units, defend and claim objectives, pick targets for the archers and war machines to fire upon, charge into combat, cast powerful wizard spells and above all, battle against enemy forces. At the end of each turn, the players will get busy issuing defense commands, accepting combat challenges from enemy forces, responding to charges, taunting the opponent and countering wizard spells. But before all this, the players should first build a strong Army. From a selection of troops, war machines, heroes, the players will assemble their forces using the in-game army builder. The players will also get to choose which spells their Wizards will use. With near limitless strategies and combinations the game gives you full freedom to create your own unstoppable army.

Armies in “Mark of War” comprised of a wide variety of troop each offering different strategies and strength. These includes; heroes, Infantry, Cavalry, Monsters and War Machines. The game also features various game modes. These modes offer an amazing experience for casual, competitive and hardcore players. In the game, the players can enjoy playing with friends, crushing the opponents in ranked matches, or building a new army. The world of Kickstarter’s “Mark of War” contains The Kingdom, Orcus, Elves, Ascended, Dwarves and Undead.

Kickstarter’s “Mark of War” is easy to play but hard to master. Its simple controls with an intuitive interface enable an easy accessibility, which helps the players focus on mastering the deep strategies of the game.


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