Kickstarter Presents “Start Traders 2”

Kickstarter’s “Star Traders 2” is a next generation RPG in the Star Traders universe. This RPG and trading game is set in a nonlinear and completely open universe. The core of “Star Traders 2” is driven and inspired by the original Star Traders RPG. The game features a massive open universe to explore, with complete freedom to choose when and how to approach the goals. In the game, the players will interact with hundreds of amazing characters with unique weakness, personalities and strengths. The players will also experience the galaxy from whatever role they choose for their Captain and ship. They can be a spy, pirate, bounty hunter, trader, mercenary or any blend that suits their style best. While in the game, the players will develop living relationships with the denizens of the quadrants they visit. Their choices will make enemies and friends among the factions that hold power in space. They will also explore uncharted worlds and will have to lead their crew and officers on dangerous missions in order to succeed.

The story of “Star Traders 2” is an engaging story of redemption, faith, honor and loss. Every hyperwarp gate in the game will uncover new threats, sprawling quadrants and the hidden secrets of the Star Traders and Templar Knights. The players can also customize their own Captain. Players can choose their personality attributes, strengths and weaknesses. Much like a pen and paper RPG, every Captain in the game, comes with a personal story which is based on the choices and derived of his or her faction allegiance, background and profession. The Battles in the game features a complete tactical view.

If you’re already a Captain, then here is the game for which you’ve been waiting, this game is fast, fun, easy to understand and play. Its amazing features and easy game play makes “Star Traders 2” a must try.


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