Its Final, Apple to Launch Phone 6 on Sept. 6

Great news for Apple fans and aficionados as the company’s newly dangled mobile device which is the highly anticipated iPhone will be rolled out very soon. The technology giant company already sent invitations on September 9, 2014, but Apple executives didn’t mince more words while quipping ‘wish we could say more.’

Aside from the touted iPhone 6, Apple is also set to unleash smartwatch at the event although the company already rolled out smartwatch apps last June and obtained patent one month later.

Market researcher, Strategy Analytics, quipped, Apple’s chief rival Samsung Electronics already have the lion’s share of the emerging smartwatch market during the second quarter of the year by raking in 73.6% of the total sales.

According to the speculations of the experts the iPhone 6 will come with impressive features like being slimmer, thinner, lighter and faster and comes with a better display panel, superior screen resolution, enhanced internals (hardware and software), faster download speed, augmented sensors and the list goes on.


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