New mobile update in Facebook can allow users to search old posts with keywords

Good news for avid users of the social media website Facebook, as apps for various mobile devices will be available very soon to allow the users to see their old posts that they have posted with their friends by way of searching with keywords.

At present the feature hasn’t been released and it is still on its developmental stages. So far only few people had tested the service.

As always, the social media giant, Facebook is doing its best to ensure that the users will be able to have satisfactory user experience by coming up with novelty apps. Facebook had earlier rolled out the so-called ‘Graph Search’ feature that aids the users to look for particular information they needed.

The new feature will indeed be fun as it allows the users to travel back time and reminisce the good ole times they have shared with their friends, relatives, colleagues and among others. Looking for old posts will enable the users to get the information they needed while saving time and effort.

This can be great news for many, but for some this will be quite bothering since the new feature since disturbing posts they have posted online before can now be easily summoned back and can be able for comments and likes.

The apps will let the users have a view of the past gatherings, functions or events by posting specific keywords they like. To date, Facebook is providing more power to the users. Nevertheless, there are still qualms on the part of the people regarding how the social networks manage their data.


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